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| welcome = Welcome to '''Off Topic <br><br> Wiki'''!
| blurb = <P align="justify">OTW focuses on documentation of events, users and spinoffs of Roblox Forums' Off Topic community.
| about_title = Notices
| about_content = <P align="center"><span style="font-size:22px;">[[( CLASSIFIED ):Featured Archives|FEATURED ARCHIVES]] • [[( CLASSIFIED ):Main|( CLASSIFIED ) ARCHIVES]] • [[:Category:ROT Forums|SPINOFFS]] • [[:Category:Flamewars|DRAMA]] • [[:Category:Users|USERS]] • [[:Category:Images|IMAGES]]</span></span></P>
'''Wiki is currently in the process of being spruced up a bit; Just started it and it needs to be good'''

| featured_title = Quality articles by [[ROBLOX Off Topic|the People]]
| featured_content = <center>[[OTZCity]]






[[Pantheon of faggotry 2016]]</center>

| didyouknow_title = Did You Know?
| didyouknow_content = The i'm unstoppable?
{{Did You Know (Main)}}

| news_title = The Newsroom
| news_content = July 14, 2016: [[Annihilation Crew]] is made so they can kick the many asses of the shitty ROTers and rule 24 makers asses on twitter aswell. The Annihilation Crew is the best thing that ever happened to ROT since the Dream Team and some shitty ROTers disagree because we utterly obliterate their very being ( Not that it mattered to the Annihilation Crew anyways ) since the crew is comprised of badasses ready to kick ass everyday.
| featimg_title = Featured Image
| featimg_content =

| featqt_title = Featured Quote
| featqt_content = " Someone tell me where this is or i'll screw up this guy's ROBLOX accounts" - Randcomo28

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