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Wiki stuff backup ( Neurobyte )

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:31 pm

{{construction}} {{Infobox

|Box title = Neurobyte
|Row 1 title = Occupation:
|Row 1 info = Going out in the streets and begging for money so he can get ROBLOX cards
|Row 2 title = Known for:
|Row 2 info = Living off welfare checks
|image = File:Neurobytepoor.jpeg
|caption = An example of someone who isn't Neurobyte
|Row 3 title = Also Known For:
|Row 3 info = Pretending to be black when he's white
|Row 4 title = Status:
|Row 4 info = Listening to Electroswing unironically}}

== Neurobyte ==

Nerdobyte also known as Innen beschämte's faggot is a faggot ( obviously ) who forums on ROT, He's apart of the Pantheon of Faggotry 2016 and he's one of the two members who has been in the Pantheon of Faggotry for every single year he's been on ROT ( The other being MorisTheCat ) Nerdobyte is the internet tough guy kind of guy and he uses racism against people like [[RSA]] when he's losing an argument. He can't accept defeat and claims he has won every single argument when in reality the hammer was slammed harder on his head. Nerdobyte claims he's a legend but he's only legendary Pantheon level ( Means he ain't legendary at all ) Nerdobyte sucks at arguments ok next...

== Being Innen beschämte's faggot ==

Not many people know that Nerdobyte is also known as Innen beschämte's faggot ( Google translate it and you'll know what I mean ) and there's a good reason for that. He can't accept the fact that he's white and not black. As such insults thrown at him about him being a snowman, burnt marshmallow and oreo. Of course these seems to be the insults that trigger him to the MAX the most ( The other being posting a decal of himself ) ( I've experienced it myself, He's an easily triggred marshmallow ) Nerdobyte is also like the rest of the Pantheon. He's a leech and lives off welfare checks and he thinks that makes him rich when it doesn't. Nerdobyte isin denial of his race ( White ) h's like a high school dropout but he dropped out his own race for something he isn't and he also claims to live in a rick jewish neighborhood and listens to electroswing unironically

== Conclusion ==

Innen beschämte's faggot is a leech and a loser who lives off welfare checks just like [[Randcomo28]] and [[MorisTheCat]]. He isn't rich and he's been decimated billions of times. It's not hard to beat him in an argument considering he's at trash ROTer's level as to be expected from someone who wishes to be black and lives off welfare checks.


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