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Wiki stuff backup ( Randcomo28 )

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:10 pm

{{construction}} {{Infobox

|Box title = Randcomo28<br>''"My life is a fucking joke"''
|Row 1 title = ROBLOX information that most likely doesn't matter when talking about randcomo
|Row 1 info = He has no BC ( What you actually think he could afford one?
|Row 2 title = Known for:
|Row 2 info = Being a dropout
|image = File:Gootecks.png
|caption = FEEL MY WRATH
|Row 3 title = Post Count:
|Row 3 info = 100K mass reports and counting
|Row 4 title = Status:
|Row 4 info = Unemployed
|Row 5 title = Gender:
|Row 5 info = It
|Row 6 title = Nationality:
|Row 6 info = Dropout
|Row 7 title = Should he actually work for a diploma?:
|Row 7 info = Yes, Maybe then he wouldn't be subjected to flaming everyday}}

== Randcomo28 ==

Randcomo28 is an UNEMPLOYED, LAZY, NONSENSICAL, IMMATURE dickbag who created the Google Chrome keylogger extension "ROBLOX enhancer". He's a literal homless nobody who dropped out of High School in his freshmen year cuz he got bullied, Just look at his face, Randcomo has the 2nd most punchable face in the world right next to Roman. But that's not the point. Anyways Randcomo is an annoying drop out who has more than 30+ Report bots because he doesn't like people hurting his feelings over words on the internet in the slightest. You can't even say a bad thing that includes Randcomo in it because he'll mass report you cuz he's a sissy. It's painfully unbelievable to imagine that some ROTers aka the shitty ones defend Randcomo because someday they hope to be like him and spend their lives on ROBLOX

== Retardedness ==

He likes to mass report people for no reason and also thinks he is an anonymous hacker ( Which by the way is the 2nd reason why he dropped out besides wanting to spend his life on ROBLOX )

One thing that's unique about him unlike most ROTers is that much can be said about him OUTSIDE of ROBLOX Off Topic. He likes Tai Lopez and typically is found arguing with Heartstrings on twitter. I mean take a look at his twitter he is seriously stupid and is taking this anonymous crap too seriously, Randcomo also thinks playing the 5$ lottery is a job LMFAO. He also thinks he's gonna be like Mr. Jobs and be a billionaire when he won't because he's loaded with bullshit and his life is a joke

== Conclusion ==

In conclusion, Reandcomo is a complete joke, He is a loser and can't handle being critisized atleast once, Takes his anonymous crap too seriously, Thinks the 5$ lottery is a job, And thinks he'll become a billionaire when in reality he's just gonna remain a pile of dogshit forever

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