Wiki stuff backup ( ROBLOX Pokemon Copyright Strike )

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Wiki stuff backup ( ROBLOX Pokemon Copyright Strike )

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:02 pm

== Beginnings ==

August 12th, 2016... A guy named iExplorer makes a thread in ROT saying Nintendo gave ROBLOX a copyright strike for the Brick Bronze game. He supplied ROT with two links that were obviously faked and tons of people fell for it. Everyone got mad at Nintendo because they're stupid af and fell for an easily faked document. One noob even took it as far as to post in on ROBLOX wikia ( Got taken down and the noob got permanently blocked LMFAO!!! ), While everyone was freaking out, Some loser started talking about Copyright laws then [[Heartstrings]] appeared and obliterated the dude who knew nothing of copyright laws... The flamewar between the two stemed for 12 pages before [[Legoseed]] took the thread down [[File:Screenshot_68.png|right|Guy thinks it's real]]

Then the flamewar took a turn as [[Vineshroom]] came and another guy ( Who fell for this completely elaborate fake troll ) came to roast him on his post count who he said was " 60K posts from keyboard threads ". Vineshroom ignored him cuz the other guy is a sucker. Then he roasted the guy who knew nothing of Copyright laws then left. The flamewar continued til' it ended.. With [[Heartstrings]] victory ( Huzzah! )

== People who fell for this Total BS ==

* Lettered - Laughed at ROBLOX for "getting a copyright strike"
* OfficiaISlimShady - Laughed at ROBLOX for "getting a copyright strike"
* Woopercooper - Legit thought it was ROBLOX's first copyright strike
* TrainerAsh123 - Thought that he had to change his name cuz it was Pokemon related , Thought it wasn't fake even when proven it was fake, Thinks it was real because the guy who made Brick Bronze made money off the creation
* Nikallap12 - Thought it was ROBLOX's fifth copyright strike
* AttomicGreen - Thought it was real and told nintendo to screw themselves, Wonders why after an hour why Brick Bronze is still up
* Robinactive - The guy who posted this on ROBLOX wikia and got pterm banned there LMFAO, Also thought it wasn't fake even when proven it was fake
* Outofideasformyname - Said Nintendo didn't know what fair use is
* Zacharyz00 - Also said Nintendo didn't know what fair use is
* GIaceons - Said she was siding with Nintendo on this fucking fake af strike
* Tanlolol12345 - Wonders why Brick Bronze gonna be taken down but not ROBLOX Pokemon GO
* QuaintPokemon11 - Thinks its funny how BB got striked but not ROBLOX Pokemon GO
* MisterGingerbread - Thinks it was real and claims it'll have a huge impact on ROBLOX games in future
* Davidhi1 - Thought it was real and suggested PBB changed the name to Monsters Brick Bronze
* MagintAlit - Thought she wasted her 25 ROBUX
* Cmpadilla2 - Says ROBLOX deserves it for the crappy devents ( What does that have to do with anything? )
* VVikipedias - Told ROBLOX to eat it for being striked

To anyone who is reading this, Don't ever take anyone in this list seriously.

== Conclusion ==

Overrall ROT is retarded af for falling for it even though there was no evidence to back up the faked documents. Today, You all learned that ROT is extremely gullible and should not be taken seriously when it comes to copyright strikes cuz ROT stupid.

==Sources for the People==
[[Category:ROT Petty Drama Archives]]

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