Wiki stuff backup ( ROT bot Raids 2016 )

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Wiki stuff backup ( ROT bot Raids 2016 )

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:03 pm

== ROT Bot Raids ==

In 2016, DominusTrex lost his marbles after his twitter account was suspended, Of course.. being the pussy he is. DominusTrex decided to punish ATR,RT and ( Of Course ) ROT, For his loss. He began his spammings on the 8th and showed everyone who was boss, Unfortunately The three subforums got pissed and decided to hide in bunkers ( FUCK THEM ), Anyways, Everyone thought mods would be there with the snap of a finger but no... it took the mods anunbelievable amount of time before they got there and dealt with the bots, It was the saddest thing ever not only because the forums were raided because of a bitch but because the mods took three hours before they discovered the bot raids ( Poor losers who hid in the bunkers ) ( All you had to do was go on Twitter or a different subforum like Video-Games and Pop-Culture ) ROT is their life anyways...

== The Trexster Returns ==

One day later, Shit is loose again because PussyMCgee came back again with a whole new batch of spambots who spammed Ipads and it got so bad that the forums started lagging, Once again it took the mods a long time before they got there ( Again ), then ROT went back to the bunkers ( You guys are faggots ) And the Trexster went into hiding, Waiting to plan his next attack becayse he's infuriated

== The Trexster Returns Part 2 ==

3 days later, Trexster has shown everyone that he has absolutely NO CHILL AT ALL because he came back yet again with yet another batch of spambots and attacked ROT yet again, However the mods arrived quicker than they did the last times and punished the Trexster. Everyone thought " We all gud son " but no, 7 hours later, He's back and spamming ROT at 3 in the morning. Because mods were asleep tonight, Boy oh boy it took really long for the mods to get there, Eventually someone discovered that to repel the spam you need to say " @ [ Something ] ( ", This repelled the spambots and ( basically filtered anything you posted, Basically it was the equivalent of a locked thread ). Anyways he was punished

== The Trexster Returns Part 3 ===

One day later, guess who shows up? That's right.. The Trexster strikes back a THIRD TIME. This time framing Two users ( KoolWaterLK & Great_Memes ) and bringing his Ipad bots... He began spamming RT ATR AND ROT with his Framebots and then later attacked with spambots ( One again lagging both the forums ), The mods were extremely fast took then 10 minutes before they got there, Anyways the mods took down the framebots and began taking down the spambots, Trexster proclaimed that he will never surrender and because of how angry he is at the compromisation of his account that he will attack everyday nonstop ( ROBLOX did nothing lol why take your anger out on ROBLOX? ). Anyways goes to show PussyMcGee is a faggot and should be 1P banned

== Conclusion ==

Read above for your conclusion, The Trexster is a pussy
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