Wiki stuff backup ( Fadious )

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Wiki stuff backup ( Fadious )

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|Box title = Fatious
|Row 1 title = Occupation:
|Row 1 info = Crashing everyone
|Row 2 title = Known for:
|Row 2 info = Crashing everyone
|image = File:Fadious.png
|caption = OT HANGOUT PARTY VERSION ∞!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
|Row 3 title = Also Known For:
|Row 3 info = Crashing everyone
|Row 4 title = Status:
|Row 4 info = Crashing everyone}}

== Flabious ==

Fadious is basically a huge fucking self centered immature edgy kid who forums on ROT who wishes to be an old ROTer but he isn't, he's a fatass so we'll call him Fatious or Fagious ( Either one works ). Fagious joined ROT in 2015 and is a disusting newbag mongrel who wants to terminated everyone because Herkamuhr got terminated, he fails miserably and because of his failure began making ROT parties Example: ( OT HANGOUT PARTY VERSION 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Fadious is one f the biggest losers on ROT and that's why he has earned a spot on The Pantheon Of Faggotry 2016, Fad The Fag is secretly an ODer who ODs [[FemaleGuest]] and [[SportkNetwork]], Everyone hates Fagious

== The bitchings ==

Fad the Fag has been involved in many incidents, Including Doxings, ODings, Abusing and Punishings... All the shitposters in ROT adore him like he's a god, Fagious loves abusing in his ROT parties and his henchmen love to carry out his wishes and bring in more ROTers in his parties so he can abuse them and crash them. Fagious hates the [[Annihilation Crew]] and wishes for it's complete and utter annihilation. but he can't do anything lmao lmao.. Not a single quality poster likes him anyways

== Doxing ==

Fagious got doxed by [[FGR]] ( His right hand "man" ), It was to make Fagious more popular and it always succeed, With spork and FGR, Fad was literally unstoppable. Until he went inactive for a few weeks during summer. After which his God-like reputation began to crumble and by the time he came back he was ultimately irrelevant. New ROTers outshined him and he became a literal nobdoy even with all his parties. His parties died almost immediatly and failed most of the times. Fagious would neverv be able to reclaim that infamy again. He is finished. Never again ( hopefully ) will Fagious spiral into popularity again.

== Conclusino ==

Fat guy who got Doxed, hates the annihilation crew. ETC

==Sources for the People==

[[Category:ROT Forums]][[Category:Pantheon Of Faggotry 2016]][[Category:Fag]] [[Category:Patriotism]]


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