Wiki stuff backup ( EXCellent )

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Wiki stuff backup ( EXCellent )

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:08 pm


|Box title = EXCellent
|Row 1 title = Occupation:
|Row 1 info = Being a Walking Fedora
|Row 2 title = Known for:
|Row 2 info = Making Underfail letsplays
|image = File:Screenshot_98.png
|caption = Your intellectual intelligence is far less superior than that of my own
|Row 3 title = Also Known For:
|Row 3 info = Not being able to handle ROT's meat so he moved to RT
|Row 4 title = Status:
|Row 4 info = Doing more Underfail commentary and letsplays}}

== EXCellency ==
"EXcellent joined Roblox on Febuary 22nd, 2009, at the age of 11. He started foruming in OT in the last week of December 2009 and in LMaD in the beginning of January 2010. He achieved notability for both his posts, his name, and his personality, and gradually became well-known, first on LMaD in 2010, and then on OT in 2011."

He's like an adult right now and he still has the mental capability of an 11 year old, Jesus EXCellent you have not changed a bit since 2009. Like you're Randcomo 2.0 except you go to College and he doesn't

EXCellent was faggot ROTer who left ROT for RT, He was fucking shitty, Crapposting about Mario, Sonic, Underfail, ETC. Eventually everyone started screwing with him so much he left for RT. Thank the lords he did. in RT. He became even more crappier than he already was, Trashposting Underfail at an alarming rate. But RT ( Being the shitty forum with the shitty tastes it is and has ) Loved his posts and immediately he became a popular RTer, RT then proceeded to kiss his ass and regard him as one of the best RTers, Avecy and all of RT then mocked ROT for being so shitty that they made a "quality poster" leave. Nobody liked The walking fedora anyways besides a few of the most shitty ROTers to ever grace ROT.

Not only is he an Underfail fanboy but he's a fucking furry and brony. He's the combination of a Shitstorm all piled up into one ROBLOXian.

" He has quit OT entirely as of March 2016, citing a worsening community, increasing amount of trolls, and intra-forum drama as the reasons"

The fuck with your shit, It's not like your furry, underfail spammings made anything better you Inbred llama

== While in RT ==

While in the Most shittiest forum on ROBLOX, He began spamming Underfail stuff because you know he a faggot, EXCellent was into Underfail ad made commentaries and gameplays of it, Even having some RT guest stars. While EXCellent strove to become the Best forumer for the shittiest forum ever. EXCellent is a neckbeard and because RT if filled with the 2nd class ROBLOXians of ROBLOX. EXCellent became very very popular ( I said this like 3 times now, He's that shtty ) In RT he proceeds to smack talk ROT being the worst subforum in existence and wishes for its utter destruction one day. Also calling ROT "White Sound". However the [[Annihilation Crew]] always prevails and always decimates EXCellent's goofy ass.

== Conclusion ==

There isn't much to say about EXCellent other than he's a neckbeard who plays Underfail with RT 24/7 because he's pathetic and wishes for ROT
's utter decimation one day. All I have to say is EXCellent is a proud member of the Pantheon Of Faggotry 2016 and he will always remain there because he couldn't handle ROT's Intense heat wave. He stayed with the cold and lonely and gloomy RT aka his new home where all the other rejects of ROT reside literally half of RT is made up of former ROTs or ROT rejects because they're pathetic and have no place in our superior subforum.


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