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Wiki stuff backup ( OTZCity )

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:54 am

{{construction}} {{Infobox

|Box title = OTZCity
|Row 1 title = Date Created:
|Row 1 info = July 31 2016
|Row 2 title = Type:
|Row 2 info = Forum
|image = File:OTZCity.png
|caption = The logo for the forum ( FOR NOW )
|Row 3 title = Creator:
|Row 3 info = [[Bloxxseen]]
|Row 4 title = Notable Forumers:
|Row 4 info = [[Bloxxseen]], [[Captain_Falcon]], [[Jumblebee5]], [[Halo5307]]
|Row 5 title = Status:
|Row 5 info = Dead
|Row 6 title = URL:
|Row 6 info = [ OTZCity]}}

OTZCity is a forum made by [[Bloxxseen]] on July 31st, 2016. The forum was made using Forummotion ( But i'll use Phpbb later, Fo for now we stickin with forummotion ). The forum only achieved a measly 109 forum posts before it died off, with [[RSA]] being the last member, signing up days after the forum died off. The forum has now been succeeded by [ OTHO]

The forum was created July 31st of 2016 by [[Bloxxseen]] to try and get away from ROT itself and its poisonous gookposters but the forum however did not get enough members and it eventually died off.. Then weeks later, [[RSA]] created a new subforum called OTHangout, The forum originally started in Proboards and lasted for a week before [[RSA]] decided to move to forummotion and evetually he did, The forum is here: [ OTH ], As of August 28th, 2016 the forum has accumulated over 198 messages.

The forums listed are:

* The Plaza
* Video Game Central
* High Quality Music Tastes
* High Quality Posts
* Youtube Discussion
* Rants & Discussions
* Forum Games
* Vault 2016 ( Restricted )

Most of the posts came from the Plaza. High Quality Posts, High Quality Music Taste and Youtube discussion were completely empty.

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