Wiki stuff backup ( OTHangout )

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Wiki stuff backup ( OTHangout )

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:55 am


|Box title = OTHangout
|Row 1 title = Date Created:
|Row 1 info = August 27, 2016
|Row 2 title = Type:
|Row 2 info = Forum
|image = File:OTHangout.png
|caption = The logo for the forum
|Row 3 title = Creator:
|Row 3 info = [[RSA]]
|Row 4 title = Population:
|Row 4 info = OTH1: 43, OTH2: 21
|Row 5 title = Status:
|Row 5 info = Alive
|Row 6 title = URL:
|Row 6 info = [ OTH]}}

OTHangout is a forum made by [[RSA]], There are actually two types of OTHangouts, One in proboards and the other in forummotion, If you're actually looking for the forum to go to, It's forummotion.

The original OTHangout was made in July of 2016, However because [[RSA]] was at vacation at the time, He could not advertise. The forum was dead for two whole weeks before [[RSA]] was able to advertise the forum. The forum accumulated 110 threads and 604 replies, Which is impressive because most forums die within the first three days. However the forum moved to Forummotion mainly because Forummotion is ultimately superior compared to proboards. And so OTHangout moved from Proboards to Forummotion. After the forum moved. It was day one of being in forummotion and the forum went inactive for most of the day ( Mainly because there were only six registered users ) before night rolled around [[RSA]] managed to get some people to join the new forum through the original. Every single forum had atleast one post.


The following are the subforums and how much posts and threads there are in, We have a total of eight different subforums ( one locked ), The forums listed are in order from the forum categories:

{| class="article-table"
!Number of topics
!Number of posts
|Off Topic
|"Post anything your heart desires"
|"Bitch about anything you want"
|Shitposting and Forum Games
|"not garbage enough for garbage, not good enough for OT. don't use this as a spam section though, thanks"
|"or: what not to do"
|"only good taste allowed"
|Health And Fitness
|"gotta get buff"
|"discuss any sport, yes even the redneck ones"
|Vidya Games
|"only good taste allowed"

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