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About OTZCity

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:33 pm

OTZCity is a forum made by Bloxxseen [ Me ]. I am using "Forummotion" until I figure out how to work a phpBB forum so for now we'll be using Forummotion so bear with me. There are alot of things that'll need to be added to this forum, I'll be adding more subforums so request one and I might add it. OTZCity's official wiki is "OTNation" which you can check out right here: http://otnation.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page. The wiki will be updated regularly and will have several feature that the standard wiki does not have including:

* A newsroom in the main page telling about what goes on on ROT or OTZCity
* "Did you know?" interesting facts about ROT or OTZCity
* And many more

( Also I know the logo for this forum isn't exactly the best so i'mma change it later )
The forum so far has several subforums as of 7-31-16

* The Plaza
* Video Game Central
* Low Quality Music Taste
* High Quality Music Taste
* Top Quality Posts

As said before, I am taking requests for subforums but only if I approve of them. Also this forum will be where we reside for now. Because everyone likes a forum that isn't as restricted as ROT, Has report bots, crappy rules and has crapposts 24/7. So i'mm pretty sure OTZCity will be a good forum in your eyes that is if you stick around. This forum is in the process of being spruced up a bit. We still need more members.

Another thing I want you to know is that this forum has many features that ROT doesn't have including:

* Polls
* Different Emoticons
* Calender Events
* Pictures & GIFS ( Yes, You're able to add pictures or gifs )
* And more

Anyways that's all.

- Admin

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